North Carolina's classrooms will not have new books in them next year. Nor will they for the foreseeable future. The latest education budgets coming out of the General Assembly are getting more and more austere with every legislative session, and it has forced teachers and schools to find innovative ways to keep up in the classroom with the ever-changing learning environment. One of the biggest ways is the widespread adoption of computer tablets in the classroom, which is expected to completely phase out textbooks altogether. In response to this, the College of Design tasked its seniors with designing a learning system that can meet the demands of the current textbook experience and strengthen a teacher's hand in the classroom.



Nautilus Industries was founded in 2015 to undertake the challenge of shrinking access to current textbooks in school classrooms. The lack of funding allocated to schools for maintaining up-to-date resources directly impacts the quality of education received and hinders student development. Distilling the problem to its constituent parts allowed Nautilus operatives to form a strategy for targeting key pain points and leaving the door open for future scalability within the platform. The work would form the foundation of what eventually became known as the Percentile app.