VIF International Education



Working at VIF as a Junior Designer was a treat.

As part of a small, nimble in-house design team, every new day meant new challenges and new surprises. Whether making slideshow graphics from the back of a bus in Norfolk, VA or making those last minute parking passes and credentials for a convention, flexibility, think-on-your-feet creativity, and rapid solutions were hallmarks of my tenure.


Web UX / UI Design

In my position I was responsible principally for iterative changes to the preexisting infrastructure of VIF's online Learning Center. This meant creating new and updating old graphics, while trying to implement progressive and cleaner UX to the overall site. Navigation enhancements as well as color and hierarchy were retooled to ease congestion and confusion. Users (teachers) were frequently sampled for feedback on pain points and their issues were integrated into regular rollouts of site improvements. VIF's Learning Center is continually a work-in-progress as VIF adapts to kinetic teacher requirements and continues to deliver on its goal of curricular resources and professional development tools.  


Cross-Browser Compatibility


Print Design


Corporate Ephemera